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Opera 9.5 alpha, Kestrel, released

The first alpha of Opera 9.5, codenamed Kestrel, is released. The changelog is so long that I can’t possibly get through it this decade, but here’s a few highlights of improvements, both to the user experience and standards support.

Opera 9.20 beta 1

Opera 9.20 beta 1 is out the door. Go get it (or come here for a quick tip about one of the new features, speed dial)

Chat with Håkon Wium Lie

Join an IRC chat session with Håkon Wium Lie

Chat with me (and Anne) about the Widgets 1.0 Working Draft

Anne van Kesteren and I will be participating in an Opera-hosted IRC chat session about the Widgets 1.0 specification.

Widgets 1.0 Working Draft

Today, the W3C published the first working draft of the “Widgets 1.0 specification”, and also published a working draft of “Client-Side Web Applications Requirements”