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Standards are standards except when standards are not standards

This is a tale about incompatibilities between DVD+R recorders and media who both claim to conform to the same standards. Problems like these should not exist in 2004.

Stop it: UI crime

Good programs look like they belong in the Operating Systems on which they’re running. Good programs behave like they belong in the OS on which they’re running. Bad programs does neither, and gets uninstalled.

Printing Websites: War is Peace

Bad software educates, or dumbifies users. Because of this, it might be neccessary to offer separate print versions of web sites, even if browsers mostly support print stylesheets.

Browser sniffing: How to embarass yourself

The initial version of the Delicious Library website blocked access for Opera users.

A solution for blog spam?

Introducing automatic semi-moderation as a solution to blog comment spam: even if spammers get through, they will have nothing to gain from spamming.