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Flashmute 2

Flashmute 2 has just been released. Go get your new copy, Flash version independent and the ability to mute all sound from any browser!

How to improve your podcasts and videblogs

On how to improve your podcasts and your videoblog for exactly $0. All it takes is learning and following a few simple guidelines.

Why I hate sIFR

Why I hate sIFR, Scalable Inman Flash Replacement, with a passion, and why you should refrain from using it if you at all care about accessibility and usability


Flashmute is a brilliant little tool/hack that makes those annoying Flash movies shut up. No more heart failures because you forgot to turn off Flash again after visiting that one site where you actually need it.

Teacher, the Thunderbird ate my homework

Why I uninstalled Thunderbird; for no particular reason it lost an important mail that was sitting in the drafts folder.