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A response from Matt

Matt Mullenweg responds to the entire WordPress incident, and to my satisfaction, he is humble about it, apologizes and explains the whole debacle in a straightforward honest way.

Ok, I just lost any respect I may have had for WordPress uses cloaking to hide spam links from human visitors, while keeping them visible for search engines.

Referrer spam: rel=”nofollow” doesn’t work

Referrer spam is becoming a real problem. It hurts search engine results, and forces website owners to handle large volumes of spam traffic. Search engine vendors can fix most of this problem: Permanently.

Referer tarpit

Referer Tarpit is a solution for slowing down referer spammers, so you can save others from spam.

Referer spammers are comment spammers too

Is there a connection between referer spamming tools such as Reffy, and mass comment spamming in Movable Type?