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Twice, over the last week, I’ve found stuff to be broken on my blog, and I rather suspect it’s due to the ancient Movable Type installation this thing was running on, so I’ve taken the plunge and gone to a different solution. ┬áSince I rather don’t have the time to mess with templates, software installations […]

How to proceed if you were a victim in the attack against DreamHost

If you were among the roughly 3500 users affected by the attack against DreamHost, here is advice on what to do: How to find out if you were infected, and how to proceed.

Stop using Internet Explorer! Now!

Internet Explorer is defective and insecure by design. This is why you should stop using it

Internet Explorer is the problem

Why Internet Explorer poses both a security threat and an economic threat to webhosts in particular, and everyone on the Internet in general.

Opera 7.20 beta 1 vulnerability

A vulnerability in M2, the mail client in Opera 7.20 beta 1 allows malicious users to use mail bugs.