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Event Streaming in Web Browsers

One cool feature we added to Opera 9 is Server-Sent Events from the WHATWG Web Applications 1.0 specification. Using SSE you can push DOM events continously from your web server to the visitor’s browser. This creates a lot of exciting opportunities for web application authors.

Opera 9

Opera 9 is out. Go get it: Widgets, BitTorrent, improved standards support

Create a widget, win a PC

In conjunction with The Gathering, Opera is running a widget competition, with a rather extreme gaming PC (worth NOK 36000) as a price. Competition ends April 15, so hurry.

Web 3.1415: Ajax, Ook! and Brainfuck

A library to assist in authoring Ook! and Brainfuck files for use on the Web 3.1415. Because authoring Web 2.0 apps has become all to easy.

Opera Platform SDK – Not your momma’s Ajax

It’s time to introduce to the world what I, and the team I’m working with are doing at Opera: The Opera Platform SDK, an advanced web application framework for mobile devices.