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Twice, over the last week, I’ve found stuff to be broken on my blog, and I rather suspect it’s due to the ancient Movable Type installation this thing was running on, so I’ve taken the plunge and gone to a different solution. ┬áSince I rather don’t have the time to mess with templates, software installations […]

Movable Type turns four

My little ode and thank you to Ben, Mena and the rest of the Movable Type crew on Movable Type’s fourth birthday.

Updated: Remove target=”_blank”

An update to my two-year old entry on how to make the dreaded target=”_blank” go away in Movable Type, by using the Switch plugin.

Referer spammers are comment spammers too

Is there a connection between referer spamming tools such as Reffy, and mass comment spamming in Movable Type?

If you can read this …

I have just switched from a Norwegian hosting company to DreamHost, with their Code Monster plan with 7680MB disk space, and 192GB transfer per month, and these are my experiences with switching.