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Search-based interfaces

Is document indexing technologies and local (computer) search really needed?

Editor love, baby

Editor Love, or “How I learned to love Komodo Edit” after having been nudged in that direction a couple of days ago.

Just gimme a good editor, dammit

I’m on the lookout for a new (Linux/Gnome) editor, for mainly working with editing angle brackets, JavaScript and Python. Can you help me?

The iPod problem

What is the real problem with digital media distribution? Why have the media industry been fighting a losing battle against piracy? The answer is, predictably, their insistence to stick to DRM that just end up limiting their potential market penetration. They have created an enviroment in which piracy offers a better product than the recording industry does.

My iPod is dying

Help me find a replacement player for my dying iPod Nano.