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Three and a half years ago, I was as wrong as it’s humanly possible to be

Roughly three and a half years ago, I wrote a blog entry titled “Why Linux has failed, and why Linux will fail again”. Roughly two years ago, I switched — to the operating system I claimed had failed, and would fail again. Linux. Ubuntu to be precise. How has my views changed?

A message to the GTK+-developers

Message to GTK+-developers: Changing certain keyboard shortcuts requires one little piece of research: Make sure that your changes doesn’t break functionality in important applications.

Command-line usability

Command-line usability in practice at work in update-manager

Just gimme a good editor, dammit

I’m on the lookout for a new (Linux/Gnome) editor, for mainly working with editing angle brackets, JavaScript and Python. Can you help me?

The sad state of media players, part II

A review of media players first suggested to me in “The sad state of media players, part I” – the state is not all sad. Here is the roundup of the good, the bad and the ugly.