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How to use ‘find’ to search for files created on a specific date

If you need to find all files modified on, or accessed on a particular date, here’s a neat little solution using (GNU) find.

Norway mandates open formats

Norway has now mandated the use of HTML, PDF and ODF for all public-facing public services from January 1st, 2009.

Semi-automatic offline synchronization of a digital media player

Semi-automatic offline synchronization of a digital media/audio player and Linux, using rsync. Makes you really love Linux, Bash and rsync.

Opera 9.5 alpha, Kestrel, released

The first alpha of Opera 9.5, codenamed Kestrel, is released. The changelog is so long that I can’t possibly get through it this decade, but here’s a few highlights of improvements, both to the user experience and standards support.

Search-based interfaces

Is document indexing technologies and local (computer) search really needed?