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Opera 9.5 alpha, Kestrel, released

The first alpha of Opera 9.5, codenamed Kestrel, is released. The changelog is so long that I can’t possibly get through it this decade, but here’s a few highlights of improvements, both to the user experience and standards support.

Word count for HTML documents

No, this blog is not turning into some rabid-fanboy-with-a-URL site for Komodo Edit, but I’d like to point to one of the more useful features of Komodo, namely it having the full DOM available to the macros. Which means that doing stuff like this macro to do word count on HTML/XML documents is changed from being a horrible regexp hack, to being totally manageable, and only nine lines of code.

Opera 9.20 beta 1

Opera 9.20 beta 1 is out the door. Go get it (or come here for a quick tip about one of the new features, speed dial)

Komodo: Open current selection as file

A Komodo IDE/Komodo Edit macro that allows you to open the current text selection as file.

Komodo Edit add-ons

Since switching to Komodo, I’ve started to build a set of snippets and macros to make editing of markup easier, and I’m now making these available, together with a few dummy objects to give JavaScript autocompletion for Opera-specific properties and methods.