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ACID3: Strike ninety-eight. Make that 100

Opera with a 100/100 result on Acid3

Opera 9.5 alpha, Kestrel, released

The first alpha of Opera 9.5, codenamed Kestrel, is released. The changelog is so long that I can’t possibly get through it this decade, but here’s a few highlights of improvements, both to the user experience and standards support.

Opera 9.20 beta 1

Opera 9.20 beta 1 is out the door. Go get it (or come here for a quick tip about one of the new features, speed dial)

Komodo Edit add-ons

Since switching to Komodo, I’ve started to build a set of snippets and macros to make editing of markup easier, and I’m now making these available, together with a few dummy objects to give JavaScript autocompletion for Opera-specific properties and methods.

I see a shitstorm coming

Apple has asserted intellectual property rights on the bitmap canvas found in the WhatWG spec.