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Paperblogging is the new black. PodCasts are no good, and videoblogging is for sissies.

A solution for blog spam?

Introducing automatic semi-moderation as a solution to blog comment spam: even if spammers get through, they will have nothing to gain from spamming.

Opera 7.50: News aggregation done right

Opera 7.50 makes newsfeed subscription real easy: When you click on a newsfeed, Opera 7.50 will add that feed to your subscription list.

New feed locations

The newsfeeds on this site have moved to a separate subdirectory. If aggregators don’t pick up the HTTP redirect, resubscribe.

Opera 7.50 preview and my Opera Journal

Opera 7.50 tp1. Highlights include a cleaned up UI, massive improvements to the mail client, support for RSS and IRC.