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Twice, over the last week, I’ve found stuff to be broken on my blog, and I rather suspect it’s due to the ancient Movable Type installation this thing was running on, so I’ve taken the plunge and gone to a different solution. ┬áSince I rather don’t have the time to mess with templates, software installations […]


Ben, Mena, Byrne and the rest of the Six Apart are taking trackback on the standards track. I’m celebrating this by permanently disabling trackback on this and all of my other weblogs.

Site updates

All of the feeds on are now Atom 1.0. In addition, the blog is no longer named “Virtuelvis”, but “Arve Bersvendsen”.

Atom/RDF/RSS content-negotiation survey

Cool URIs don’t change. That’s also why newsfeeds should have exactly one URI, and only one URI. HTTP has accepted methods of negotiating content through Accept: headers and q-values for content types. This is a survey with the goal of finding out how aggregators are handling this. Do they send out the correct q-values, and get the appropriate feed in return?

Referer spammers are comment spammers too

Is there a connection between referer spamming tools such as Reffy, and mass comment spamming in Movable Type?