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RFC 4287: Atom Format

Atom is now an official IETF standard, hereafter to be known as RFC 4287: Atom Format


Rest in peace, RSS. Every feed on this site is now in the Atom format.

Atom/RDF/RSS content-negotiation survey

Cool URIs don’t change. That’s also why newsfeeds should have exactly one URI, and only one URI. HTTP has accepted methods of negotiating content through Accept: headers and q-values for content types. This is a survey with the goal of finding out how aggregators are handling this. Do they send out the correct q-values, and get the appropriate feed in return?

Migration technique for Atom: Content Negotiation

About HTTP content negotiation as a migration strategy for Atom

97 stitches and a cast

New prototype feed for the emerging feed format, version 0.2 this time.