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How to improve your podcasts and videblogs

On how to improve your podcasts and your videoblog for exactly $0. All it takes is learning and following a few simple guidelines.

Why I hate sIFR

Why I hate sIFR, Scalable Inman Flash Replacement, with a passion, and why you should refrain from using it if you at all care about accessibility and usability

Browser sniffing: How to embarass yourself

The initial version of the Delicious Library website blocked access for Opera users.

A solution for blog spam?

Introducing automatic semi-moderation as a solution to blog comment spam: even if spammers get through, they will have nothing to gain from spamming.

Don’t smoke Verdana!

Verdana is very popular at “the I-can-read-4px-fonts school of webdesigners”. That is because Verdana is pretty, and it’s legible even at fairly small sizes. Still, I hate it, and you should avoid it. Here are screenshots to show why.