Twice, over the last week, I’ve found stuff to be broken on my blog, and I rather suspect it’s due to the ancient Movable Type installation this thing was running on, so I’ve taken the plunge and gone to a different solution. ┬áSince I rather don’t have the time to mess with templates, software installations […]

Nathan HPL #020

A quick look at the Nathan HPL #020 hydration vest. While the sales pitch is for trail runners and crazies (also known as ultra runners), I think it works well for everybody else as well.


Summing up 2010, and talking a bit about 2011. All in terms of running.


On my becoming a runner


IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is the tale of why I use Linux, and will never return to Windows, even if I get free pink unicorns, narwhals and a personal army.