File I/O in widgets and the browser

Ok, so I had a somewhat mystically titled presentation at XTech, titled “Going full circle: Giving Web Applications and Widgets access to device and user data”: The slides are “here”: (Should work reasonably well in Firefox, WebKit and Opera — does not work in IE. Navigate with PageUp/PageDown or the mouse wheel)
What the presentation was actually about was “File I/O”: in the context of the browser, or more specifically, in widgets. We produced an “input paper”: to be picked up for standardization.
Further, we will release builds on “”: shortly, so you can get to play with it shortly, and hopefully also with some example code, so you can get your heads wrapped around this.
*Edit:* There are now public builds for you to play with “here”: — have fun

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  1. Dante

     /  2008-05-08

    Håkon’s name gets borked in the slides, which are served with iso-8859-1 (maybe it’s a bug in Opera #9974 but it ignores the page’s declared meta charset). Also, there’s a strange slide 28 you got there: “522 LoC pera”?

  2. Dante: Fixed, it was my server forcing ISO-8859-1

  3. Nice presentation. I am new to this web dev. thing and am trying hard to keep up. I just have to maintain our site. Right now am trying to get my first AJAX to work. Have already discovered you guys don’t like IE too much :p