The Mac mirror

Ok. This is one of those times I wish Norwegian photography laws weren’t so strict (essentially, you aren’t allowed to unwillingly make anyone the subject of a picture without their consent), as I just witnessed a young woman on the bus pulling her MacBook from her bag, turn it on and _use it as a makeup mirror._
I don’t know whether to congratulate you on innovative or stupid use of technology, whoever you are.
(And just so more people won’t misunderstand — she was using the camera as mirror, not the high-gloss screen)

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  1. sc

     /  2007-05-09

    That’s pretty funny. I wonder whether she had her camera set to mirror the picture to make it a “real” mirror.

  2. \o/ for the: iMakeUp and iMakeUp pro.
    Looking forward for the iMakeUp shuffle.

  3. My Ex girl friend used to use her camera phone, so I can see how this is evolution for girls :p
    – ØØ –