A message to the GTK+-developers

Overnight, my Ubuntu installation grew a weird bug: GTK+ applications would, when I tried to change case of text in a number of editors, instead just insert a lowercase ‘u’ with an underline. At the same time, any editor I was using stopped working properly. I got into some weird modal form from which I couldn’t get out. Almost as if VIM had infected my entire system.
And I couldn’t understand why. Until I noticed two things: This only happened in GTK+-based applications. Which lead me to Google. Which again lead me to:
bq.. GTK+ 2.10 Specific Notes
* The hexadecimal Unicode input feature has been reworked. It no longer blocks the use of the sixteen Ctrl-Shift-<hex digit> key sequences. Now it only uses Ctrl-Shift-u.
p. Somehow, I am *not* amused. Seriously not amused. Two of the text editors *currently installed* on my system use Ctrl-Shift-u in various ways to alter text case (Komodo Edit and SciTE). The current fix is worse than the disease. And if you insist on keeping it like this, please choose a different shortcut. One that doesn’t interfere with what is defined in fairly common applications.

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  1. algkalv

     /  2007-05-23

    What does this have to do with VIM? It’s fairly obvious that this editor is not for you, and that you don’t like it, but on the other hand, what does modality have to do with a ctrl+shift+u shortcut? Apples and (rotten) oranges.
    It’s perfectly possible to highlight strengths of X1, X2, …, Xn, for any N>0 without constantly referring to Y whether it has anything to do with Xi or not.
    By the way, Ubuntu sucks. No, it has nothing to do with what we are discussing, but it feels great to insert a snide remark, no? 😉
    Perhaps I should add a mail signature with this golden maxim. it will refer to the any conversation I might be having in mail as your vim snippet has to do with GTK+ developers mucking with the users’ rectum (yet) again.
    Greetings from the North Pole.

  2. I think you misread me: I was not making any snide remark about VI(M), I was just pointing out that, since I am not a VI user, I don’t want the rest of my applications conditionally behave like it.
    If VI is your poison, I presume you could live with this.