Widgets 1.0 Working Draft

Today, the “W3C”:http://www.w3.org/ published the first working draft of the “Widgets 1.0”:http://www.w3.org/TR/widgets/ specification, and also published a working draft of “Client-Side Web Applications Requirements”:http://www.w3.org/TR/WAPF-REQ/.
The Widgets 1.0 specification itself quite closely matches what is implemented in “Opera Widgets”:http://widgets.opera.com/ — after having seen this spec from it’s very inception, long before it existed in a W3C context (I edited the very first versions, together with many of my excellent co-workers, before it was handed over to our real standards people), it’s good to finally see it out and open for review.

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  1. Kildor

     /  2006-11-09

    My congratulations.
    but one question, why index.html only??
    why not author-defined filename?

  2. That’s actually an open issue in the draft (among many). I’m pretty confident that in the end you can pick your own “starting file” including other formats than just HTML (if the user agent supports those, of course).

  3. Asbjørn Ulsberg

     /  2006-11-10

    Excellent! I’ve been thinking about standards-related work around widgets for a while, so this is a good move. What are your thoughts about getting Microsoft and Apple on board (I assume Mozilla is already there?) to include their viewpoints on their Widget and Gadget implementations?

  4. its a good news..opera widgets are only runs on windows XP, Mac OSX, and Linux.