How to ensure I never visit your site twice

Ok. A quick guide on how to lose business and visitors:
# “Use XHTML without being well-formed”: — no, it doesn’t actually matter if you try to follow “Appendix C”: as a number of mobile gateways have transparent proxys that transparently changes text/html to application/xhtml+xml. For what it’s worth, I probably use a mobile browser just as much as I use a desktop browser these days.
# Demand Flash where it’s not needed. Especially demanding Flash 9 is stupid.
# Use “sound”:
# Prohibit “deep linking”: — if I have to go around looking for your content when I already thought I’d found it, you can be damn sure I’ll go somewhere else.
# Linkjack or content theft. Ok, you little twerps involved in this practice are probably never going to read this, so my rant probably won’t help.
The last one is so important it deserves a list of its own:
# Spam, or get someone else to spam “social news sites”: There’s nothing I hate more than having to wade through _your_ submissions to find stuff that’s not self-promotion. Do this, and I’m guaranteed to actually tell _other_ people that you’re one of the web’s bad apples.
(And believe it or not, even if I’m writing this, I’m in an excellent mood today)

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  1. Very good list. However, I am not sure about point 1, it’s too technical for too many – but I agree nonetheless.
    The single biggest complain I have to web developers who ask me to review their site is they use XHTML without knowing anything. They just switch to XHTML 1.0 and MANY feel “cool” to do so. Then they come complaining about various problems caused by this simple reason. They don’t know to answer the most important question “what’s the difference between XHTML and HTML?”.
    I pick HTML 4.01 Strict for all new sites I do. I smile when n00bs like those who “already made the switch to XHTML” say something along the lines “oh, you still use HTML 4.01 Strict”. LOL.
    I’d add to your list:
    1. keywords spam in the page:
    a) same font color as background color
    b) in comments
    c) in meta tags
    2. link spam, doh. When a site shows links to MANY other sites, at the bottom (for example), it’s really bad.
    3. javascript for “blocking” access to view source, for disallowing text selection, for overwriting the status bar text, for animating status bar text, for animating title bar.

  2. ROBOd: Believe me, when you browse the web from a cell-phone, seeing XML errors is all to common with the carriers silently translating text/html to application/xhtml+xml.
    Give me that error, I’m not blaming my carrier or my browser, I’m blaming the stupid web site for simply not working.
    Not technical at all.