Chat with me (and Anne) about the Widgets 1.0 Working Draft

I recently “announced”: that the W3C published the “Widgets 1.0 Working Draft”: — in relation with the publication of this specification, spec maestro “Anne van Kesteren”: and I will participate in an Opera-hosted “IRC chat session”: about the specification.
The chat session is about an hour long and starts at 17:00 CET on Thursday, 17th 16th of November. That’s tomorrow for you digesting this entry fresh from the Atom feed.
If you have questions, praise or want to hand out flames over the spec, you can head over to the “#webapps”:irc:// channel on where the chat will take place. Asking questions can be done by messaging the chatbot Pony, where questions are stored until we are online and the actual chat session starts. A transcript of the chat will be posted later, both to the “Web Applications blog”: and here, so you should be able to see if your question was answered even if you can’t attend the chat at the time it actually is.
If you are behind a corporate firewall that does not permit connecting to IRC, you can also leave your questions in the comment section of this entry, and we’ll make our best effort to answer these questions as well.
See you there (or here)!
(Oh, and as an aside, Opera made a few “developer tools”: available for trial use today – we won’t be chatting about them tomorrow, though)

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