Opera Mini mind tricks

I use Opera Mini absolutely everywhere: If I’m waiting for someone, if I’m at the bus, if I’m having a discussion (or rather, when I want to end a discussion), and I’ll give a few hints as to how I use it.
* I have set up a portal page with a few searches on “mini.virtuelvis.com”:http://mini.virtuelvis.com/ – and I might possibly be adding a micro-aggregator there to have the most important sites I use (The site might not have propagated to your DNS yet) — I use Google directly from the front page
* When I scroll, I use Joystick Left and Joystick Right to go Page Up and Page down — it’s much quicker than moving one line at a time.
* The * key toggles toolbar display on the hi-fi version between a regular view, reduced toolbars and full screen. I almost always use the reduced toolbar view, as it still gives me a page title and clock.
* The #, 3 shortcut is a killer shortcut when reading news sites, as it takes you to the start of the page content.
* #, 4 takes me to the start page.
* #, 9 to search Google.
* There are numerous other “keyboard shortcuts”:http://help.opera.com/mini/1.2/en/start.html#navigating — learn them, and use them.
* Depending on the phone I use Opera Min oni, I turn on “small fonts” to cram in more information. On some phones the writing becomes to small, and on some it works great.
* I only occasionaly turn on “High quality” for images, as the regular quality saves a lot of bandwith
* On my series 60 phone, I never quit Opera Mini, in order to have instant availability.
My list of _killer_ web sites for Opera Mini are found in my personal portal.
*Have fun*

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  1. HI, I am trying out the Mini Portal code here. http://www.beatnikcafe.com/experimental/pages/page13/page13.html
    In case you can’t find it there you’ll be able to see some variation of it elsewhere in the site.
    Just wanted to say thanks, so thanks!