<marquee> on acid: Sine scroller

Doing canvas stuff was so much fun, I decided to try my some more old-school demo effects. This is a small sine scroller:
* View the “sine scroll demo”:http://virtuelvis.com/gallery/demofx/sinescroll01.html
* Works in “Opera 9”:http://snapshot.opera.com – fails in FF 1.5 (FF doesn’t seem to support clip?) — Other browsers untested.

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  1. This looks cool as a test case — it does eat 100% CPU on my computer, though.

  2. I made a “similar script”:http://www.random.abrahamjoffe.com.au/public/JavaScripts/wave.htm that works in all browsers including IE

  3. I did a sinus scroller a while ago for a ‘Sine scroller’ thread on the OzoneAsylum. Ok mine don’t use a regular font, but it’s smooth and looks shiny :p