Flashmute 2

Einar Otto Stangvik of “Indev”:http://www.indev.no/ has just released “Flashmute 2”:http://www.indev.no/?p=projects#flashmute — a fantastic little application that shuts up Flash movies.
Notable new features:
* Ability to turn hotkey mode off and on
* Mute any sound from any browser
I have updated the “Flashmute download”:http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2005/04/flashmute page — go get your copy.

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  1. Daniel

     /  2005-12-11

    Greatest invention since frozen pizza.

  2. Why not just press F12 in Opera and untick plug-ins?

  3. bq. Why not just press F12 in Opera and untick plug-ins?
    Because there are occasions where you want Flash, but do not want noisy Flash ads. Believe me, this application is a godsend.

  4. Awesome, flash ads seem to get more annoying every day and sound is one of the key things esp. if you’re listening to PC music as well.

  5. jam

     /  2006-02-13

    Einar Otto Stangvik is an absolute star. I installed flashmute, and discovered that it didn’t work with mozilla. I emailed him to ask if it could be added to the next update, and he emailed me back within minutes with a registry patch to make it work! Top bloke.

  6. heather

     /  2006-03-17

    I can’t seem to get flashmute to work with firefox It loads, just doesn’t silence the “sound spam. Is there a patch?