All posts for the month December, 2005

<marquee> on acid: Sine scroller

A small demo of ye old school demo effect: Sine-scroller

Image manipulation in <canvas>

What I did over christmas: Play with the <canvas> element in Opera 9. A few demos of image manipulation in canvas.

Flashmute 2

Flashmute 2 has just been released. Go get your new copy, Flash version independent and the ability to mute all sound from any browser!

RFC 4287: Atom Format

Atom is now an official IETF standard, hereafter to be known as RFC 4287: Atom Format

Cross-document messaging in Opera

One of the more unknown features of Opera is that it has an implementation of the DocumentMessaging interface from the Web Applications 1.0 specification. This interface allows authors to post messages between documents residing on different domains, without being suspectible to regular Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities. This is a quick explanation and example of how cross-document messaging works.