Why microformats is a good thing

I could have put the title “I have seen the Microformat Light” on this post, but I won’t. Neither am I suggesting that microformats replaces RDF (which some people have suggested they are trying to).
What I _am_ suggesting, though, is that, given the the opportunity to mark up your human presentable content (read: HTML) with a well-defined microformat, you should. Mostly because writing microformat parsers is extremely easy.

Below is a 13-line “hCalendar”:http://microformats.org/wiki/hcalendar parser:
bc.. function parsehCalendar (doc){
var evs = doc.getElementsByClassName(“vevent”);
var ret = new Array();
for (var i = 0,ev = evs[i];i++){
var dtstart = ev.getElementsByClassName(“dtstart”).length?(ev.getElementsByClassName(“dtstart”)[0].title.toDate()):null;
var dtend = ev.getElementsByClassName(“dtend”).length?(ev.getElementsByClassName(“dtend”)[0].title.toDate()):null;
var title = ev.getElementsByClassName(“summary”).length?ev.getElementsByClassName(“summary”)[0].innerHTML:null;
var location = ev.getElementsByClassName(“location”).length?ev.getElementsByClassName(“location”)[0]:null;
var url = ev.getElementsByClassName(“url”).length?ev.getElementsByClassName(“url”)[0].href:null;
ret[ret.length] = new Array(dtstart,dtend,title,location,url);
return ret;
p. document.getElementsByClassName is left as an exercise for the reader.

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  1. I think getElementsByClassName is not as simple as your 13-line parser. :-S

  2. minghong, it is not that hard.

  3. Oh, my document.getElementsByClassName function is only 21 lines of JS code, one line being a comment. If you don’t care about performance, or you don’t care about pre-XSLT browsers, the function can be written in 10 lines.

  4. You can always use cssQuery instead of your own getElementsByClassName function.

  5. Wow, cool thing, I love it!

  6. Well done Arve!
    I’ve added this page to the hCalendar implementations section.
    A couple of quick notes:
    1. The parser should look for the class name “vevent” (not “hevent”):
    var evs = doc.getElementsByClassName(“vevent”);
    2. It would be good to add a line of code to get the description as well, since it is likely to show up due to its presence in the hCalendar creator.

  7. Tantek: Should be fixed now.