Brainbench and spam

I once signed up for Brainbench, to take a JavaScript test. I obviously shouldn’t have done that.
Over the years, they’ve sent me all sorts of mail that I’m not interested in. Over the years, I have gotten exactly zero professional offers due to Brainbench.
Recently, I dug up my unused Brainbench login, signed off from the one mailing list I was obviously on, and sent them an e-mail, saying that I wanted to be deleted from all of their mailing lists, and that I didn’t want any more mailings from them. I even got a reply (e-mail addresses mangled):

bq.. Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005 15:32:05 -0500
From: supportinvalid@brainbenchINVALID.comINVALID
Subject: RE: Other: [T20051102004Y]
To: xxx@xxxbersvendsen.comINVALID
Your account has been cancelled. Thank you for using Brainbench.
Joseph Rincione
Customer Support Representative
Brainbench, Inc. – an ISO 9001:2000 certified company
“Predicting Employee Success”
—–Original Message—–
From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 02, 2005 4:10 AM
To: csa014invalid@brainbenchINVALID.comINVALID
Other: [T20051102004YZ1484150]
Sender : xxx@xxxbersvendsen.comINVALID
Tracking Number : T20051102004YZ1484150
Pool : Other
Sent to :
Date : 11/2/2005 4:10 AM

EMail: xxx@xxxbersvendsen.comINVALID
Client ID: x
Track Name: x
submit: Submit Comments
promocode: x
emailaddress: xxx@xxxbersvendsen.comINVALID
clientid: x
I hereby wish to terminate my account with Brainbench, and I no longer
wish to receive e-mail communication from Brainbench.
p. As you see, they replied, and said they would remove me. Which would have been all good, if it weren’t for the fact that they are still sending me e-mail with the same crap offers they’ve done for a number of years. Today, they sent me this:
bq.. To: xxx@xxxbersvendsen.comINVALID
Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 22:01:42 -0500
Subject: One week left of free tests from Brainbench.
Dear Arve,
Only one week left of FREE TESTS at Brainbench!
Over 500 Brainbench certifications are available to you
no charge* until November 15, 2005.
(rest of spam snipped)
p. So, I guess getting away from Brainbench is impossible. Well, e-mail filtering is a good thing.

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  1. I’m having the exact same problem with the Norwegian SMS and mobile phone content provider Eurobate. I’ve tried to unsubscribe to their service in hundred different ways and thousand times, but nothing works, so I still receive spam SMS from them every now and then, 4 years after I last ordered something from them. That is a bit annoying, to say the least.

  2. Jan Vidar Krey

     /  2005-12-13

    I had the same problem with eurobate a few years ago, I e-mailed root,
    hostmaster, webmaster and a few more e-mail addresses I found and viola 🙂