All posts for the month November, 2005

Your first Opera Platform application

Getting your feet wet with the Opera Platform: Your first, minimal Opera Platform Web Application. Plus: An Opera Platform SDK competition that might potentially earn you a Nokia N70, if your skills measure up.

Opera Platform SDK – Not your momma’s Ajax

It’s time to introduce to the world what I, and the team I’m working with are doing at Opera: The Opera Platform SDK, an advanced web application framework for mobile devices.

Why would anyone want a word processor?

Tim Bray asks: “So, I understand why we still need spreadsheets and presentation packages, but assuming you had a Web editor with a good change tracker, why would anyone want a word processor any more?” I’m also wondering

Brainbench and spam

If you’re ever invited to take a Brainbench test: Don’t. Brainbench keeps on spamming me after I’ve requested having my account terminated, and after they’ve allegedly agreed to do so.

Why microformats is a good thing

Why microformats is a good thing, why you should embrace them, and use them whenever possible.