All posts for the month October, 2005

Site updates

All of the feeds on are now Atom 1.0. In addition, the blog is no longer named “Virtuelvis”, but “Arve Bersvendsen”.

Canvas: Mandelbrot

In the first of my series of postings about the canvas element: A mandelbrot generator that allows you to save the generated image

Merlin: The Opera magician

Opera 9.0, codenamed Merlin has been released as a forum/newsgroup preview. It has a lot of new features, even more fixes, and something for the Standards Aware Cutting Edge designers.

DreamHost: Get a $79 discount

DreamHost discount offering from Use the “dirtcheap” promo code and get a $79 one-time discount on 1- and 2-year plans from DreamHost

Movable Type turns four

My little ode and thank you to Ben, Mena and the rest of the Movable Type crew on Movable Type’s fourth birthday.