Opera stand-up night

Or, not really. At work, we recently got into a discussion about the “vi”:http://www.bostic.com/vi/ editor, because someone found a link to what vi would look like if it was “made by Microsoft”:http://blogs.sun.com/roller/page/marigan?entry=how_the_vi_editor_would. One of “my colleagues”:http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/lth/ had this to say about vi:
bq. Having to make your own parchment, ink, and quill, and then persuade elves to hide and retrieve your documents from their secret cave in the enchanted forest would be a major improvement to using vi to edit files on any computer system.
(And if you really want a microsoftish vi, you might want to check out Vigor)

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  1. But Lars is right 🙂

  2. Peter da Silva

     /  2005-10-17

    Personally, I’d rather use vi to edit files on any computer system than use any of the popular “word processors”. I’d rather write raw HTML in vi than use Word.
    Not to mention that real “vi” doesn’t put chatty crud like “1,1 Top” in the corner of the screen. That was obviously some quiche-eating imitation to begin with. REAL vi doesn’t have status displays, menus, GUI hooks, or multi-level UNDO. Crikey, you might as well write in Pascal.