Opera 8.5 – Free and Ad Free

This has been brewing for quite some time, and the buzz within the company has been steadily growing, and now it’s time to share it with the rest of the world.
Today, we released “Opera 8.5”:http://www.opera.com/
And as of Opera 8.5, as of today, *Opera for desktop is a free browser!* The ad banner, named “Opera’s most annoying feature” by some, is gone. That’s right: No licensing fee. No ads. Just maximum browsing pleasure for you, at no cost.
If you are curious about Opera’s reason for going free, “read this”:http://opera.com/free/

Why we’re going free

Opera has removed the banners, found within our browser, and the licensing fee. Opera’s growth, due to tremendous worldwide customer support, has made today’s milestone an achievable goal.

So, “get your copy now!”:http://www.opera.com/download/ — and read the “press release”:http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2005/09/20/ while you wait for your download to finish.
Today, I am really proud of being a wheel in the Opera machine. I am proud of my colleagues, I am proud of my managment, and I am proud of Opera. Of “Opera being 365/365 as free as Firefox”:http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/asa/archives/2005/08/1356th_as_free_as_firefox.html

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  1. sc

     /  2005-09-20

    The quote doesn’t really answer the question “why?”.

  2. sc: This “stock alert”:http://www.newsweb.no/index.asp?melding_ID=113673 might make things more clear to you

  3. This is great news! I hope people will switch from IE (rather than from Firefox for instance).
    Does Opera have an objective in terms of market share or progression, as a result from this move?
    Anyway I’m glad I contributed by purchasing a licence several months ago.