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Opera 8.5 – Free and Ad Free

Today, Opera Software ASA released the Opera 8.5 browser. The big news, that we have been hiding inside the company is that Opera for desktop is now a free download. The banner ad is gone, so is the licensing fee. Get your copy now, before the company servers catch fire from the load!

“Opera equivalents to Firefox extensions” — now in French

Sébastien Guillon has done a fantastic job of translating “Opera equivalents to Firefox extensions” and “Opera equivalents to Firefox extensions II”. If you want to translate these articles to other languages, feel free to do so.

Opera equivalents to Firefox extensions II

In January, I wrote about some Opera equivalents to Firefox extensions. This is an updated version, covering many more common Firefox extensions and their equivalent features in Opera..

Opera stand-up night

Having to make your own parchment, ink, and quill, and then persuade elves to hide and retrieve your documents from their secret cave in the enchanted forest would be a major improvement to using vi to edit files on any computer system.