I blogged this “on my Norwegian blog”: — but thought it was too good not to share. Recently, I travelled long-distance by bus, and during a visit to the toilet I noticed the following sign:
! (Exactly what is forbidden?)!
I _really, really_ don’t want to know exactly what they have forbidden.
(I guess this is related to The worst logo ever)

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  1. hmmm, I see a butterfly…

  2. It takes some time to grok, but they have forbidden urinating in the full toilets while standing. You have to either sit down or use the urinals.

  3. Oh, *now* I see! Thank you, Leons. I thought they had forbidden trying give head to others while having a shit. I _did_ find that rather odd …

  4. Ebbe

     /  2005-09-11

    Hm, it could meen that you’re not allowed to urinate on people having a shit.