All posts for the month July, 2005

Opera now identifies as itself by default

Opera 8.10 preview 2 is available for download for Linux/Unix, Mac and Windows. Opera now identifies as Opera by default.

Free, at last: Ubuntu Linux

After having spent the better part of an evening sorting out problems with Windows Update, I decided enough was enough: I installed Ubuntu – and I’m happy with it.

Hey, Florence!

Woman sues Take-Two Interactive over pixel humping.

The mystery argument

Mystery Javascript: Opera and Gecko supports optional parameters passed to the function called in the window.setTimeout method, but return different lengths for the arguments array.

I love DreamHost

And so should you. I’ve been quite busy during the last week, but logged briefly into my control panel at “DreamHost”: to change some settings, and I was greeted by this announcement: bq.. Hello REALLY Happy DreamHost Customers! This is a big one. Starting today, we’re the only web host in the world (as far […]