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Referrer spam: rel=”nofollow” doesn’t work

Referrer spam is becoming a real problem. It hurts search engine results, and forces website owners to handle large volumes of spam traffic. Search engine vendors can fix most of this problem: Permanently.

javascript: URIs, CSS, GMail and Opera

How to get out of GMail jail in Opera with Javascript in CSS files.

Newsfeed statistics

Statistics on personal newsreader software used to access the newsfeeds on for the period March 1st to March 9th, 2005.

Commodore 64 DTV

The Commodore 64 DTV is the C64 recreated in the form of a Kempston joystick. Must have. I can’t wait until the PAL version is ready.

Referer tarpit

Referer Tarpit is a solution for slowing down referer spammers, so you can save others from spam.