Newsfeed statistics

Every once in a while, I take a look at which newsreader software is used to access this site, and here are my numbers so far this month.

# Opera: 47.2%
# Unknown: 16.5%
# Firefox: 12.1%
# NetNewsWire: 6.5%
# Thunderbird: 4.7%
# FeedReader: 3%
# NewsGator: 2.5%
# Others: 5.6%
These statistics were collected using a “specially patched”: version of “AWStats”: that recognizes newsreaders, and disregards known referer spammers.
The “Others” category consist of recognized newsreaders that each account for less than 2% of the accesses to the newsfeeds, while the “Unknown” category consist of User-Agent strings that are not recognized by AWStats.
As with all statistics, it should be noted that the numbers listed here are valid only within this site: They are not general statistics.
What does your numbers look like?

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