javascript: URIs, CSS, GMail and Opera

GMail users running Opera 8 should now be aware that Google, for some reason we all fail to understand, will send you to the braindeadbasic HTML interface. This is, of course, quite insane, since the Opera 8 betas supports what is needed for the full interface; XMLHTTPRequest.
There are ways, however, to get out of GMail jail.

Some users will already know that, after logging in to GMail, you can go to to get the full GMail interface.
Doing so, though, is a hassle.
“Jor”: took the time to dissect the basic HTML interface, and found a sufficiently unique CSS hook, to alter the content of the basic interface with something like this:
bc. /* Fix gmail */
td[id=”bm”][bgcolor=”#FAE5B0″] {
content: “Limited mode. Select and use Go to URL.”
Not quite content with having to take action manually, I remembered that Opera will happily let you use @javascript:@ protocol URIs in @content:@ and @background:@ and suggested this fix to him instead:
bc. td[id=”bm”][bgcolor=”#FAE5B0″] {
background: url(javascript:window.location=””);
So that every time you log in to GMail, and it finds the warning dialog suggesting you’re stuck in braindeadbasic mode, the Javascript redirects you to the full interface.
h3. How to use
Stick either of the two methods in your browser.css file. This file is located within the styles subdirectory of your profile folder.
Your profile folder is located by going to Help / About Opera and looking for Opera directory.

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  1. Laurent

     /  2005-03-13

    I use the “button created by non-troppo”: but trying to compose a message in a new window brings me back to the basic version, at the Inbox page, not the compose window.
    Does your solution allow us to always stay in the full interface, with the correct subpage (compose window for instance)?
    Anyway, don’t you guys find gmail a little limited when it comes to complex e-mail writing (multiple recpients, distribution lists…). It’s fine for simple e-mails but still limited in functionalities IMHO.

  2. This suffers from the same problem as NonTroppos solution, and can essentially only be fixed by Google actually fixing GMail.
    (And yes, I find _every_ webmail solution a little limited compared to real email solutions)

  3. There is an even better way to auto redirect with Opera8. Opera8 has User Javascript which lets you do this only on the domain.
    Check: “”:

  4. Jonathan, I have also posted the same get-out-of-Google Jail in one of my other “entries regarding User Javascript”:
    I will be writing rather extensively on the use of User Javascript for various tasks, also covering User JS script security.