All posts for the month March, 2005

Ok, I just lost any respect I may have had for WordPress uses cloaking to hide spam links from human visitors, while keeping them visible for search engines.

“alt” is not a tag!

The alt attribute is just that, an attribute, and not a tag, as some people seem to believe.

User JS: text/x-plainscript

Supporting a custom “scripting” language, text/x-plainscript, with user javascript in Opera.

Who owns the User Agent?

A slight rant directed at the anti-autolink, anti-Greasemonkey, anti-user-control crowd. The web is a user space, not an author-space.

User Javascript in Opera 8 beta 3

Opera 8 beta 3 adds User Javascript functionality. Use it to get rid of site annoyances, and extend web site functionality.