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Stuff I had promised myself not to do, but heck …

The weirdest search. Ever.

All style and no substance

Bloggers block prevents me from writing anything sensible. Which means I’m going to let my bloggers block do it’s work, and refrain from posting filler content. Read why.


So. Bill Gates has announced that Internet Explorer 7 is coming, according to the “IEBlog announcement”: as an update available to XPSP2 users, with a beta release this summer, and an additional beta to be released later. I don’t think that’s going to help Microsoft, though. You can’t stop an avalanche.

How do you pronounce quark?

When you want to check the pronounciation of a word, checking an online dictionary like Merriam-Webster Online is an excellent idea.

Asbestos blogging and plain stupidity

Michael Buffington pulled of the most successful troll in recorded Internet History with his Asbestos News blog, and you all bit.