All posts for the month January, 2005

More international Apple pricing

Comparing Apple “base prices” in the US, UK and Norway. The prices are before tax, but corrected for Apple’s higher foreign margins, and any taxes added as a consequence of these margins.

Referer spammers are comment spammers too

Is there a connection between referer spamming tools such as Reffy, and mass comment spamming in Movable Type?

Feeds moved

I have moved the feeds around again, getting rid of file extensions. Readers are encouraged to change their subscription addresses – but doing so is not strictly required, as most aggregators will handle the redirection.

If you can read this …

I have just switched from a Norwegian hosting company to DreamHost, with their Code Monster plan with 7680MB disk space, and 192GB transfer per month, and these are my experiences with switching.

The not-so-cheap Mac mini

While the new Mac mini from Apple is dirt-cheap in the US, it turns out to be quite differently priced around the world: The Mac mini is 48% more expensive in Norway than in the U.S. — in the U.K. it’s “only” 30% more expensive.