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Standards are (nearly) irrelevant.

Which standard should you conform to? In response to a question by Fergus Wilde, asking which markup standard he conforms to

Forward and reverse link relationships

A primer on forward and reverse links in HTML — why rel=”nofollow” is so ugly, and why reverse link relationships are so wonderful.

Dear Tafjord Mimer customer at

Dear Tafjord Mimer customer at I need you to change your newsreader settings. It feels like stalking when you fetch my feed once every minute.

Atom/RDF/RSS content-negotiation survey

Cool URIs don’t change. That’s also why newsfeeds should have exactly one URI, and only one URI. HTTP has accepted methods of negotiating content through Accept: headers and q-values for content types. This is a survey with the goal of finding out how aggregators are handling this. Do they send out the correct q-values, and get the appropriate feed in return?

Opera equivalents to Firefox extensions

Comparing some Firefox extensions with the equivalent features in Opera.