Changing my hosting?

I am currently considering changing my hosting., for a couple of reasons:

# I currently am stuck with a total of 150MB storage and a bandwith limit of 10GB/Month.
# My provider’s security record is “not perfect”:
# I have only one MySQL database
# The price is “not right” — I’m paying around $40/month for the two domains I’m hosting with them now.
# I have to pay extra for each and every subdomain
So far, I have only really looked at “DreamHost”: and “PowWeb”: as they both seem to offer generous diskspace and bandwith limits for a fair price. Some of the factors that are important to me are:
* I prefer a clear bandwith use policy over “unlimited” bandwith. “Unlimited bandwith” is never unlimited. The bandwith cap needs to be generous, though.
* Diskspace. As I’ve stated, my current plan is insufficient. DreamHost offers 2,5GB at the time of writing, and PowWeb offers 2GB.
* SSH access.
* Access to raw log files – both the error and access logs.
* Perl/PHP. Preferrably I’d also like to be able to compile PHP5.
* Access to procmail.
* IMAP, POP3 and Webmail. As nifty as GMail may be, I have mailboxes I can’t forward to GMail.
* Customer Care. There is nothing worse than having to wait days when you need something fixed _now._
* Currently, my MT installation and PHP scripts writes all my files as “nobody”, and my SSH user has no rights to these files. Deleting these files is a royal pain, and my SSH user _needs_ to be able to manipulate files written by any web process.
* WebDAV is definetly a plus, but not a must.
* CVS or SVN is a plus, but not a must. I don’t need anonymous CVS/SVN access or web access.
* I _need to_ run Cron jobs.
* Pricing: Dreamhost is currently asking $15.95/month for their “Code Monster Plan”: if I opt for the two-year pre-payment. Something in that price range would be nice.
So, what I’d like to know is this:
* Are there any particular reasons I should _not_ go with either of the two alternatives I’ve found so far?
* Are there any other alternatives I should be looking into.
* If you have experience with both DreamHost and PowWeb: Which are you more satisifed with?
*Update:* PowWeb, not offering SSH access is a major no-go for me. I have scripts I need to run from the shell. (I also need crontab access, btw)

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  1. If you’re in a position, you should concider buying your own server, possibly with some friends. Some time ago, about ten of us got together and bought a server that we specified ourselves. It’s really flexible!

  2. Martin: A significant drawback with that is that you don’t neccesarily have someone to blame when things go wrong. Murphy’s Law frequently makes things go wrong.

  3. I am on PowWeb and love it. The only problem is there is no SSH access and they always say no when the customers ask for it. So I don’t see that coming any time soon. Other than that, I love it and they have great uptime. In fact, they are finishing up making every server load-balanced for better uptime, faster response times, and virtually no downtime.
    This part is optional, if you go with PowWeb, could you use this link? With their affiliate service, you get $65 which is awesome. If you want, I could even PayPal half to you. 😉 But like I said… optional.
    Please note I am a customer not an employee so everything is strictly my opinion. In the case of PowWeb, you don’t get what you pay for, you get more… and you can’t go wrong at $7.77 a month. They have a promotion now that if you order 1 year, you get 6 months free and if you order two year, you get 1 year free.
    P.S. One thing to note is that even with this great service, they tend to sometimes make changes then tell us about them after the fact. Not always, but sometimes. The customers do tend to get t’ed off and some leave, but most are really loyal customers and recommend PowWeb to everyone.

  4. Without SSH, PowWeb is a big no-go for me.

  5. I switched to hostean not too long ago. Don’t have much experience with them yet, though, but the one recommending it to me was very satisfied. So far I’m happy, too.
    And I believe they offer all what you want, to a very sensible price. Doesn’t hurt to check them out. 😉

  6. Svein Kåre: You could have warned me about the sound on that page. My ears are bleeding.

  7. Sound? I’ve never heard any sou… Oh – those ‘clicks’ in the menu? Sorry, I forgot about them. (And barely hear them myself. Other sounds/music has a sensible level for me.)

  8. Arve: I don’t know Murphy very well, since he’s not visiting us very often. 😉 Still, your point is something you need to concider. As all other tings in life, it has it’s pro et contras, but I still see this as an great advantage, and it’s very flexible. Come visit us sometime, at

  9. DreamHost is quite good. I’ve 2 accounts with them. I think they’ve probably the best customer support (for shared hosting). Another plus is that they are continually improving their setup (Web control panel), upgrading software when there are security issues, and even giving freebies (they recently increased bandwidth in their plans for both old and new users).
    Failing which, getting a VPS is always fun if you’re up for the technical challenge. I love my VPS hosting account because I get full control over most things.

  10. I would quite recommend “Pair”: having been with them since 1997 with no major incidents. SSH access by default (I think they don’t even support telnet anymore) and run by some really serious, skilled people.