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2004 prediction result list

Last year, I made a list of technology predictions for 2004. Let’s see how I did.

Sumatra Earthquake / Asia Tsunami

Continously updated post with information regarding the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent Tsunami off the West coast of Northern Sumatra. Instead of news items and pictures, it tries to focus on factual information.

Web address converter for dynamic web pages

Comment on Microsoft patent that essentially covers mod_rewrite. mod_rewrite is prior art, so they may just as well waste their money on this one.

Is there Spyware in Trillian 3?

Trillian 3 always establishes an encrypted session with when starting. In addition, Trillian connects to the same server when Instant Lookups are made, in contradiction with what the Trillian FAQ is telling users.

Internet Explorer: The Girlfriend from Hell

Internet Explorer is the girlfriend from Hell, infecting you with STDs, constantly dropping the spawn of hell on your living room floor. She also lets strangers into your house.