All posts for the month November, 2004

CSS rounded corners without images

Rounded corners without images: The CSS3 solution, and the non-solution offered by Mozilla/Firefox

Search Engine Optimization

This is a tale of why you should be wary of hiring SEOs, Search Engine Optimizers.

Standards are standards except when standards are not standards

This is a tale about incompatibilities between DVD+R recorders and media who both claim to conform to the same standards. Problems like these should not exist in 2004.

Stop it: UI crime

Good programs look like they belong in the Operating Systems on which they’re running. Good programs behave like they belong in the OS on which they’re running. Bad programs does neither, and gets uninstalled.

Running into brick walls

How should entries in blogs be categorized? Should they be treated as the stricter cousin or keywords, with many categories, or should you have only a few categories?