Sweet. Opera 7.50 for OS X

Opera 7.50 preview 3 for Mac
Today, Opera Software released “Opera 7.50 Preview 3 for Mac”:http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=47996. Nevermind the “Preview 3”, Mac-addicts, this is actually the first public preview of Opera 7.50 for Mac. I guess they are trying to sync with Windows and n*x releases. Some highlights:

* *Presto! rendering engine:* You can now enjoy the same rendering as Opera fans on other platforms use, instead of the slightly aged Opera 6 engine.
* *Opera Mail:* … or The Mail Client Formerly Known As M2. My personal testiment toward this mail client is: It’s the first and only mail client that works with me, instead of against me. And, nevermind the “Mail” name – it also supports NNTP, and there is an RSS reader built right into it.
* *Opera Chat:* Opera is building a chat backend for Opera, and the first protocol supported is IRC.
* *OS X Integration:* Integrates with Keychain. Imports automatically from Address book, and imports Safari bookmarks automatically, and with the native skin Opera will look and feel like a native Mac application.
Remember: this is beta-quality software, and you should only try it if you are willing to tolerate any bugs beta software may have, and you are encouraged to provide feedback in the opera.mac newsgroup, or in the “Opera for Mac”:http://my.opera.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=4 web forum.
One less obstacle for me to get a PowerBook.

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  1. so… have you fallen off the planet then?
    btw: Opera 7.50 Preview 4 now available… in case you or anybody reading this have yet to d/l.

  2. Is 7.4 only available for Mac yet?

  3. No it isn’t (I’m answering myself here :-). “here”:http://snapshot.opera.com/windows/w750p4.html it is.

  4. and now we have 7.5 Beta 1

  5. Yes, Jon. Isn’t it just incredibly excellent?