Side note: I hate BerkeleyDB

Ok. That’s it. After the break-in on my other Movable Type server, I had to restore the database from a backup.
I also mentioned that I had “problems with the MT activity log”: on that BerkeleyDB-driven site. Well: Everything is now officially screwed with that log. I restored the relevant log files from a different backup, and so was able to _delete_ the log, but now MT won’t add any new entries to the log.
Short of now exporting 37 templates for two blogs, killing the entire database, and start from scratch with mt-load.cgi , I don’t believe there is a solution that actually solves the problem (and in case you’re wondering: all the right permissions are set for the files).
I hate BerkeleyDB and I don’t expect any sympathy.

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  1. What you’re looking for (aren’t we all…) is the Big Red Button
    Fingers crossed you get it worked out…
    [Ed. note: Link edited for usability reasons]