Opera 7.50 TP2

Opera software released “Opera 7.50 TP2”:http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44865 today. There are, as with tp1 e lots of changes, available in the “detailed changelog”:http://people.opera.com/tim/changelogs/w750p2.html#detail available. Some of the highlights:

* Chat. Unlike the very preliminary chat backend that existed in Opera 7.50 tp1, this one seems quite functional, and I haven’t experienced trouble connecting to various networks as I had with the first version.
* Panel improvements. The full-size panels may now have different toolbar buttons and functionality from the slim panels (or sidebars, if you’re emigrating from Mozilla-land).
* Security fixes to issues reported by Secunia on filename spoofing.
* The transfers panel is greatly improved.
* Lots of M2 fixes. Lots of Javascript fixes. Display fixes.
And, I’m going to mention the last new feature specifically, because this is the way it _should_ be done:
Opera 7.50 tp2 has proper autodetection of RSS feeds. Not through the <link /> element, as you might expect, but rather through looking at the content of a feed. Click on a link, or type in the URI manually – whichever method suits you best. If Opera recognizes it as an RSS feed, it subscribes you, no hassle. If that isn’t what you wanted, it’s just a matter of deleting the automatically created access point. _Yay!_
Now all I’m longing for is Atom support, and I’ll be throwing my old aggregator out the window.
h3. Words of caution
Even though it’s been trouble-free for me so far–this is a technical preview. Keep that in mind and don’t download, unless you like playing with unfinished software, and if you plan on downloading, the obvious right thing to do is to participate in the forums or newsgroups.
h3. Update
One day after it’s Windows sibling, Opera 7.50 tp2 is now “available for Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD”:http://my.opera.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45041. The “changelog”:http://people.opera.com/espen/changelog/changelog-7.50p2.html reveals mostly bugfixes and the fact that the Linux and Windows versions are in sync feature-wise.

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  1. Arve,
    They fixed the media type bug with Media Queries. You of all people should be very interested in that! 🙂
    Since it works now, today I’m going live with media-negotiation. Ah, at last… Whoever fixed this, I thank thee!
    I am going to dust off all my past bug reports and unposted experiments to see if anything changed.