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Why you should read Terms of Services and Privacy Policies

Services such as Orkut want you to register extensive personal data. If you are going to sign up for such a service, reading the Terms of Service prior to doing so, might be a good idea

New feed locations

The newsfeeds on this site have moved to a separate subdirectory. If aggregators don’t pick up the HTTP redirect, resubscribe.

Nikken opposed to free speech

Jarle Dahl Bergersen receives Cease & Decist for content on his weblog.

New site featurette: Filter list

The filter list allows you to filter your search results, so you’ll find what you’re looking for faster.

Why Linux has failed, and why Linux will fail again

I am writing this on a Linux box. Running RedHat-something. I personally may like Linux, but on the desktop, Linux has failed, and it will continue to fail. Here’s why.